Simple and Easy 3-Step Guide to Rifle Adjustment

If you want better accuracy in your shots, it is time to make a rifle adjustment. You can instantly turn your rifle into a mean, accurate shooting machine with the right scope mounting. If you are interested, professionals can take care of rifle scope adjustment for a small fee. Or, if you are like many gun owners and appreciate the one on one experience, use this 3-step guide to adjust your rifle scope with ease.

1.    Position the scope to the right height by choosing a level where you can rest your cheek and make you comfortable. Make sure the ocular lens is positioned appropriately in front of your eye. Mounting rings are the usual way people adjust their scope up and down.

rifle scope adjustment

2.    If up and down scope adjustments bring your eye into the scope eye box, it is time for forward and back adjustments. These adjustments further help ensure accuracy in every shot and make the rifle more comfortable to hold. Tighten the rings down on the scopes and adjust forward.

3.    The third and final step is to adjust the windage of the rifle and the scope.  You can easily adjust the windage by removing the turnit cape and adjusting the rings.  Once the windage is adjusted, the rifle is easier to hold but that’s one of many exciting benefits that this simple tune up can make.

The above scope rifle adjustments are fairly simple to make and do not take a lot of time to complete. However, the result of the adjustments can significantly improve your shot and accuracy so you enjoy weaponry just a little bit more than you did already. Remember, professional gunsmiths are available to assist with any adjustments you do not feel comfortable making yourself. Enjoy.